New England Creeker


A Brief History of Dave

   Though I remember my first day in a kayak I don't remember when I started drawing.  But I do have pictures I did for my Aunt Lil dating back to when I was 3.

   When I was older, I began to appreciate and emulate the artwork I would see in kid's adventure books, cartoons and especially in comic books and was drawing all the time- much to the chagrin of my parents and teachers.  Art class for me was EVERY class....unfortunately for my grades in the non-art classes.

   For a while I thought art would be my career so I studied it in college.  Though I love to draw it became apparent that the business aspect of the artworld, as well as job deadlines I didn't want or like, really turned me off .

   I did sell work from time to time, it is difficult for me to part with  something I've done, so I sought  otherways to make a living.


   While searching for a career, I discovered the wonderful world of whitewater.

   In the summer of 1985 I found myself in Northern Maine working for Eastern River Expeditions, E.R.E., on the Kennebec and Penobscot rivers.

   The first time I ever experienced whitewater was on a raft with E.R.E. in the Penobscot River Gorge.

   It was on that fateful trip, while eddied out below a rapid called Little Heater, that I looked back upstream at, to me, what was a wonderous vision:  two kayakers so smooth and graceful dancing their way down the drop.  I knew right then and there  "I gotta learn to do that!".  I learned as soon as I could from many of the kayakers that worked with the company.

  Eventually I moved on to my next job as a video boater on the Penobscot and then down of the Gauley River in West Virginia.

   Having become obsessed with boating, all my drawings became strictly whitewater and the great outdoors.

   So the drawings on this site reflect my boating history from the Dancer to handpaddling squirtboats, to creekboats and finally to the modern aerial playboats as well as drawings inspired from rivers around the world.

   I've also included some of the work I've done for American Whitewater festivals,  rodeos and related businesses like HandJobberz and Aquaholic.

   I hope you like them.